Who Came By Old Time!

World Class Yachts - 11 September 2000

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Location by Courtesy of Raffles Marina.

>   The above showcase is an ocean going private yacht built in the USA by Trident Marine. We did not meet the Owner but guess this should be an 80 footer class trawler type yacht with perhaps a twin screw of 300hp x 2. Not really an entry level yacht but for yachters who wish to go long distance and perhaps have clocked 3000 miles in their boating experience to own one. (Singapore - Phuket is approx. 600 NM) For those who are really committed to cruising and given up his post to his junior to go cruising

>   Please come back regularly for more " Who Came By ?" which will be featured here as the report comes in

Signing off ... Captain Roger! OK you are free to go on shore, and take this along with you. Aye Sir!


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  Happy Boating - Goh Kong Wee


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