One 15 first members' Welcome Party held on 25 June 2005 at Sentosa Marina Club   with Chairman's message to all its first 150 pioneer  members and friends        invited to collect their membership card

A day of fun under the sun with yachts cruising in from other Marinas to welcome them a preview of the good life to come.  A  mega yacht in the background testing the new stern in mooring system offered at One 15

Food Food & more Food fill the evening with Jazz music. Wish Clarissa were here!

Coconut coconut coconut everywhere...but no coconut tree to be seen

The beginning of the good life to come at Sentosa Waterfront Community living. How to become part of the good life ?

Join One 15 but ofcourse!

For more information on how to start boating, please contact us     Email :    Attn : Goh Kong Wee

  Happy Boating - Goh Kong Wee

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Posted on 15 July 2005